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Ascale By TAU (Porcelain)

How big are ASCALE tiles?

The tile dimensions are 160 x 320 cm

What are the finishes on ASCALE slabs?

Thanks to the latest technology in the manufacture of large format porcelain tiles, we have the following finishes: Matt, Soft Matt and Polished.

What are the advantages to ASCALE products?

The zero porosity prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and makes ASCALE tiles one of the most hygienic products on the market.

Where can ASCALE panels be installed?

Given the finish and format, ASCALE panels can be used in a numbers of areas with endless possibilities. The most common applications are:
– Indoor and outdoor flooring and wall cladding
– Benches, islands and kitchen or bathroom countertops
– Ventilated or plated facades
– Reforms or renovation of existing materials
– All types of furniture and/or decorative elements for homes

How do you clean ASCALE slabs?

Metal residue

Natural surfaces: neutral/acidic detergent Gloss surfaces: neutral/acidic detergent

Natural surfaces: neutral detergent Gloss surfaces: neutral detergent

Natural surfaces: neutral detergent Gloss surfaces: neutral detergent

Natural surfaces: neutral detergent Gloss surfaces: neutral detergent /bleach

Where can I get more information about ASCALE?

For any additional questions, please contact us: info@idealsurfaces.ae

Does ASCALE come with a warranty?

YES. ASCALE comes with a 15-year limited manufacturing warranty. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will put you in touch with your local distributor: info@idealsurfaces.ae

Can ASCALE be used outdoors?

Yes, ASCALE is UV and thermal shock-resistant, making it an ideal surface for outdoor applications.

What is Sintering?

Sintering is a natural process through which we accelerate a thousand-year process in minutes. It is the process of creating a solid mass from natural minerals that have been transformed under extreme pressure and heat. ASCALE is the result of a new and advanced mechanical sintering technology.

Quantra (Quartz)


We consider ourselves lucky: we get to work with quartz. It’s an amazing substance: stunningly elegant, distinctively durable, with extraordinary integrity. It is these qualities that enable us to deliver design without compromise. It is these qualities that enable us to craft exceptional countertops and surfaces.

How is quantra manufactured.?

Quantra quartz is manufactured using patented Bretonstone technology. A brief outline of the manufacturing process is given below.

Feeding of Raw Material and Mixing

The raw materials (quartz, pigments and resins) are carefully selected and then subjected to stringent quality checks and then mixed together.

Moulding and Pressing

The mixture is then poured into a mold and formed into slabs of required sizes. It is then subjected to vacuum vibro-compression. This removes all the air and creates an even and compacted surface.


The slabs are then moved to the curing kiln and heated at 100°C to 120°C for 45 minutes which provides the required levels of strength and solidity.

Does Quantra Quartz come with a warranty?

YES. Quantra Quartz slabs are certified food-safe. Each slab comes with Warranty.


The slabs are calibrated and then polished to a perfect finish.

Quality Inspection

Every slab then undergoes rigorous quality inspection to ensure it meets our extremely high standards of colour, pattern and consistency.

Labelling, Packing & Dispatch

The slabs are then labelled, sorted and packed into bundles and safely shipped so that they reach our customers in perfect condition.

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